Business Support Activities
Aggressive and systematic marketing
Communication through support
BHC is always on a quest for the new and unique. As such, proactive and innovative marketing tactics are applied. This has already
been proven by the fact that BHC Chicken came to be a top-ranked company within a short period of time. Through an IMC strategy
that encompasses TV ads, digital media advertising, and promotion, the company’s marketing seeks to communicate with customers
in order to firmly establish brand power. This strategy is also applied to other brands in the BHC family to ensure they grow
in a stable manner.
Customer Satisfaction
Upgrading customer services across the board while minimizing
the inconveniences of franchise business owners.
As competition among brands heats up, customer satisfaction has become increasingly important. A satisfied customer can lead to repeat purchases
and positive word-of-mouth, bringing in more revenue and contributing to positive brand reputation.
The CS team responds to the various needs of customers in real-time to realize customer satisfaction and serve as a catalyst that can bring in greater
revenue. The team also listens to what those on the forefront say, and addresses any issues promptly to minimize the inconvenience experienced by
franchise store owners. It serves as a communication channel between HQ and franchise stores.
Quality, Clean, Service
Tastier, cleaner, and friendlier
QCS inspections are carried out at all franchise stores across the nation. They look at the management of ingredients, maintenance
of quality, overall state of the store, and whether the cooking manuals from HQ are being observed to ensure consistent quality.
In addition, the hygiene status of the store will be measured against relevant laws and preemptive training on safety incidents will
take place to prevent any issues and ensure safety standards are met. Customer claims processing will be supported, food-related
laws will be monitored to ensure quality, and services in line with proper principles and legal requirements will be followed precisely.
Superviser · Openviser
QCS, Service, CS
Opening of franchise stores, stable store operations, diagnosis of issues for stores with low revenue, consultation offered
to reach target goals, and ongoing franchisee resources.

An expert supervisor will offer coaching on site, as well as through ongoing communications, to deliver business management
know-how. Factors that affect revenue will be quickly diagnosed and analyzed to promptly address them, and success cases, as well
as training on a service-oriented mindset, will be offered to ensure your success.
Value chain
Optimal efficiency in work
through a smooth recruitment process
Sales HQ & Operation HQ
By surveying and analyzing customer needs, areas for improvement are addressed in
order to achieve an increase in revenue. Once a franchise store is established and
improvements are made, personnel from HQ will regularly visit the store to offer
guidance and achieve co-prosperity with HQ.
Marketing & PR
By establishing an IMC to improve brand image and awareness, and by analyzing the
management status and current market environments, a strategic and innovative
method can be applied to boost the value of the brand and products.
Logistics Center & Food Factory
By ensuring stability and the quality in manufactured products, overall production
activities are better managed. The reception and delivery of products, storage, and
unloading are also managed in an efficient and effective manner.
The basis of the restaurant business is a variety of menu items and unique ideas that
are applied to key ingredients. A new approach is applied to not only Korean food, but
also Eastern and Western cuisine from abroad, to launch new menu items and improve quality.
Quality management
Audits are conducted on everything from the reception of ingredients, to the
production process and distribution in order to ensure product quality and safety.
All factors in each step are proactively managed in advance to ensure the safety of
products. Each step of management regarding the ingredients, process, and distribution
is standardized and further improved upon.
Direct management division
The division plans and executes all matters concerning the opening of a directly
managed store in order to contribute to increased revenue and achievement of the
company's business goals. It also carries out tasks related to product sales and
promotions on the frontlines, and manages personnel at the store in addition to
recruitment (if needed).
Global businesses & new businesses
To create new profit-generating opportunities for the company, overseas markets are
developed through the analysis of market trends and demand forecasting. Based on these
analyses, a corresponding strategy is implemented.
Business management support HQ
The team carries out and manages tasks necessary for a business to run efficiently.
- HR, including recruitment, allocation, training, promotion, and compensation of personnel.
- General affairs, including oversight of various corporate events and office infrastructure.
- Legal consultation and protection of rights for tangible and intangible assets of the company.
- Financial management, accounting, and funds management, including the creation of
financial statements and management of cash flow.
- Supplier management and purchasing, including strategic purchasing planning.