Leading the trend in highly competitive market and focusing on research and development,
bhc becomes Korea's leading brand that has increased consumer loyalty with the No.1 brand power.
Outback Steakhouse values our basics serving high-quality steaks.
From the beginning to the end, we provide the best service to make the guest's day special
with the taste and temperature that has been strictly kept for over 20 years and uncompromisable know-hows.
SUPER DUPER Burger was launched in Korea for the first time overseas.
San Francisco Lifestyle SUPER DUPER Burger is the best premium burger brand in the Bay Area.
CHANGGO43 is a brand featuring grilled or barbequed premium-grade Korean beef.
Using a steel pot weighing 4.3 kilos and an accurately-weighed amount of beef that has undergone optimal levels of aging
for the best flavor, the brand is committed to its promises to customers.
Since its first start in 1937, the brand has been Korea's number one brand
for blood sausage (soondae) soup that abides by tradition and good taste, even amid changing trends.
In addition to soondae soups, a variety of other food items are offered on the menu
for a filling and satisfying meal based on the philosophy that food offers welfare to people.
Bringing together a traditional recipe reminiscent of your mother's paired with a youthful touch,
the brand prides itself on using fresh ingredients delivered every day and a recipe that
has been developed over generations to find the perfect balance of flavors.
Gram Gram's brand name comes from its core value of wanting to be honest
in the amount of beef offered to customers.
It is a unique brand that emphasizes the concept of 4+4 portions of beef,
and is a popular beef brand that provides a rich dining experience at a reasonable price.