CI Introduction
Corporate Identity
CI Introduction
The following is the corporate identity of BHC Group that reflects the company's
core values and corporate philosophy.
Basic type of design system

Ongoing interaction, infinite growth.
By always rising to the challenge of customer satisfaction, building trust between people,
and facilitating efficient communication between leaders and members, we promote cooperation between all departments.
We strive to build upon such cooperation in order to achieve prosperity for all parties involved. Thinking outside the box,
members of BHC do not simply believe that one plus one equals two - but that the result could be 100, or even infinity,
depending on how you approach potential. This idea was captured in BHC's corporate image.
Through collaboration with other companies, universities, and research institutes not only in food but also a wider
range of industries, BHC builds on its passion and rises to new challenges.

Basic colors

Depending on the medium used, the brightness or saturation may vary. As such, caution is needed.

Regulation for Single color

When it is impossible to print in CMYK or the background has color, it is allowed to use a single color.