Social Contributions
BSR, a spirit of sharing and co-prosperity
Based on the values of sharing and co-prosperity, BHC established a social responsibility program called 'BSR (BHC+CSR)
'in 2017, with a goal of contributing towards the betterment of society and building consumer trust.

As part of a BSR (BHC+CSR) initiative, this volunteer activity has involved participating university students every year since 2017.

This year marks the 4th time the initiative has taken place. Each volunteer group consists of

five volunteers who meet monthly to design volunteer initiatives which take place twice a month.

These volunteer programs take place in local communities, partnering with organizations such as social

welfare centers, children's welfare centers, or low income areas.

As part of BSR, figures or organizations that have shown courage are selected as 'Heroes’ and offered
a plaque of gratitude and gift..

Some previous examples of ‘Heroes’ that were selected include citizens who have reported others
engaging in the illegal filming of women, a citizen who prevented further damage through quick thinking,
and organizations who helped evacuate residents when a fire broke out in a local building.

March, 2020. Donated 400 million won to the National Disasters and Rescue Association
in light of the prolongation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

December, 2019. Invested a total of 500 million won to install signage to reinforce traffic safety
and speeding alarm systems in child protection zones.

December, 2019. On behalf of BHC employees, 100 million won was donated to the charity drive KBS Fruit of Love.

November, 2017. Donation of BHC chicken dishes to refugees of the Pohang earthquake and other volunteer activities.

July, 2017. 50 million won was donated for the repair and restoration of areas which suffered
significant damage from flooding in the Cheongju area.