Group Introduction
Global Leading Company
BHC Group
BHC Group seeks to go beyond being just one of Korea's largest comprehensive food companies,
and transform into a global company that is internationally loved.
BHC, a company taking courageous steps into the future
to be a leader in the changing food and restaurant industry.
BHC Group always tunes into what its customers say. Any inconvenience will be addressed immediately,
and proactive investments are made to prevent such issues from happening in the future.
The Group also makes concentrated efforts to regularly develop new menu items, which are at the core of a restaurant and food company.
BHC is committed to offering the best flavors to its customers and leading the future of the restaurant industry.
We are always committed to
maintaining the highest
hygiene standards.
We will reach out to
our customers
to offer friendlier services.
We will develop new menu items
that are in line with the trends,
and abide by our manual to offer
the best taste and flavors.
Always catering to the customer
We have set forth the values of “Cleaner, friendlier, and tastier”
as our operational standards.
Based on these values, the company has quickly grown into one of Korea’s largest comprehensive food and restaurant companies.
Since its establishment, BHC Group has grown with its customers. With a variety of restaurant brands ranging from BHC Chicken
to CHANGGO43 and Warm Hearted Grandma’s Soondae Soup, BHC is earning our customers' trust more than ever.
A promise to our customers
BHC offers a better experience.
BHC Group, based on the three core values that place the focus on customers, seeks to offer the best flavors
and services and live up to our responsibilities as a restaurant and food business.