Introduction - Overseas
Founding Information
A partner for a successful startup
Differentiated support and
competitive services
Why BHC?
Co-prosperity with franchisees

BHC Group focuses on communication with franchisees to ensure co-prosperity. As such, CS and operational
headquarters will receive any complaints a franchisee business owner may have, and the relevant department
will address the issue within 24 hours in accordance with the franchise store operation principles.
The company gives priorityto proactively resolving any issues the franchise store may have.

Continuous launch of new menu items.
Since independent management opportunities began in 2013, the company's core values have been set around
co-prosperity with franchisees. In the case of BHC Chicken, at least two new menu items are launched yearly
to boost the revenue of franchisees. Going beyond simply developing new menu items, the company adopts the
latest research equipment for R&D, analyzes trends in the restaurant industry at home and abroad, and conducts
studies on the overall restaurant industry. Such efforts have led to the birth of steady sellers such as Ppu-rinkle,
Sweet and Crispy Cheese Balls, and Mat-cho-king, all of which have gained great acclaim in the market.
Excellent ingredients of highest quality
BHC Chicken uses sunflower seed oil, which is known to have a high oleic acid content.Unlike other oils used in frying,
the oleic acid and vitamin E help stabilize the nutrients against oxidation, significantly reducing the creation of trans-fats
that may cause cardiovascular diseases or obesity.This unique preparation sets BHC Chicken apart from other brands. Advanced
technology is also appliedto the production and supply of ingredients fit for each menu item to ensure greater safety and taste.
Simplified operation system.
BHC Chicken has shortened the original 10 step process for frying chicken into 3 steps to ensure that the quality and taste at all
franchise stores remain consistent. Simplification of the operation also helps save SG&A costs, thereby maximizing profit.
The virtuous cycle business model presents a new model for franchise businesses.
Various types of stores
Various types of stores
  • 1.Casual Dining Restaurant
  • 2.Beer Zone
  • 3.Delivery + To Go
The strength lies in the concept of Korean meals offering BHC Chicken's
signature menu items and sides which sets it apart from other brands in
overseas markets. The store will be of medium or large size, allowing
for a variety ofcustomers to dine in during lunch or dinner hours.
A sophisticated interior and wide range of flavors are offered in a store
that is based on the dining concept of a cafeteria specializing in fried
chicken. It is a mid-sized store that sells BHC Chicken's signature items
and beer in busycommercial areas in order to bring in a variety of customers.
Efficiency in the utilization of space is maximized even for small stores.
To provide smart delivery services, a store operation system that optimizes
movement routes is presented. The small store will focus on delivery and
take-out services.
How to become a franchisee
Establishment Introduction