CEO Message
BHC promises to always align with its customers,
offering a consistently satisfying experience.

Hello, my name is Hyeonjong Park and I am the president and CEO of BHC Group.

I believe food takes on great importance in our lives, as it is with us throughout the happiest and saddest of times.

We here at BHC Group seek to double life's joy through tasty food, so that we can contribute to making this world a happier place.
We have always abided by the principle of honesty in offering our products and services, and remained constant in bringing the best
to our customers.

We have set three guiding principles of business management to achieve our mission of offering flavors that bring happiness,
no matter where or when. Our business management philosophy aims for co-prosperity, expertise, and transparency.
A virtuous cycle between company headquarters, franchise stores and customers is what we look for, through sharing and

To return the constant love that our customers have shown us, we have poured all of our efforts into bringing the technologies
involved in the processes of all our brands up to the cutting edge. We will remain committed to living up to our responsibility
as a leader in the food market, and abide by the principles of honesty.

We will also live up to our corporate social responsibility to ensure those on the social margins can prosper along with us.

BHC Group is a leader of change, and as such, will continue to make efforts towards becoming a company loved not just by
Koreans, but also by those in the global community.

Thank you for your ongoing support for our company and our brands.

BHC Co. Ltd., Hyeonjong Park